Lightweight Racing Batteries

Kronospark specializes in manufacturing the lightest racing batteries. We proudly feature two powersport racing battery lines for motorcycles and race cars: The MiKroh Lead-Acid line & LiKroh Lithium line. Contact Us Today! Email us at or Call 765-FASTCAR

  • MiKroh 2 Lightweight Racing Battery

About Us

Kronospark Employees working on the 350Z


KRONOSPARK™, based in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, is dedicated to manufacturing lightweight racing batteries that enable racers to be the fastest on the track.

Founder, Hal Glenn, was first exposed to the addictive sport of racing with karts at the young age of seven, and it has been a life long passion ever since. In his professional career as an electrical engineer he has devoted himself to advancing racing and transportation technologies.  Kronospark was founded in 2009 to advance the “state of the art” with respect to the electrical aspects of vehicles and racing.

The Employees of KRONOSPARK™ understand that reliability is important to our racers which is why our engineers test our batteries in representative vehicle set-ups, ensuring your product will arrive ready to power your racing vehicle.

The name KRONOSPARK derives from the Greek God of time Kronos and from the powerful electrical “spark” of our lightweight battery systems that help enable drivers to be fastest on the track.

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