Lightweight Racing Batteries

Kronospark specializes in manufacturing the lightest racing batteries. We proudly feature two powersport racing battery lines for motorcycles and race cars: The MiKroh Lead-Acid line & LiKroh Lithium line. Contact Us Today! Email us at or Call 765-FASTCAR

  • MiKroh 2 Lightweight Racing Battery


Here at Kronospark, we love racing and we’re excited to be participating in the Midwest’s most popular and fun races this year.  Below we have listed the events we will be attending during the 2011 racing season.  We always appreciate seeing our Kronospark fans at the races, so if you plan to head out, be sure to leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to find you and give you a loyal fan discount!

Upcoming 2011 Midwest Auto Racing Events

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