Lightweight Racing Batteries

Kronospark specializes in manufacturing the lightest racing batteries. We proudly feature two powersport racing battery lines for motorcycles and race cars: The MiKroh Lead-Acid line & LiKroh Lithium line. Contact Us Today! Email us at or Call 765-FASTCAR

  • MiKroh 2 Lightweight Racing Battery

Policies & Returns

Kronospark Battery Warranty & General Provisions

Kronospark LLC warranties its batteries for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Returns of batteries must include original receipt and must be returned to the original distributor/dealer.  Manufacturers acceptance of returned batteries is not an admission that the item shipped back is defective.  Any items shipped back to the manufacturer shall become the sole property of the manufacturer unless deemed otherwise by the manufacturer.  If an item is determined defective by the manufacturer, then the battery will be replaced if it was received prior to expiration of warranty (see ”Return Policy” below for more information).

Kronospark has no obligation under the limited warranty set forth above if the battery is damaged or destroyed due to one or more of the following conditions:

  • Intentional abuse or neglect
  • Tampering with the battery case or attempting to open the battery in any way
  • Damage due to fire, collision, explosion, vandalism, or theft
  • Improper Maintenance, such as allowing the battery to be deeply discharged via a parasitic load
  • Normal deterioration in the electrical qualities or acceleration of such deterioration due to accelerated conditions that cause such deterioration
  • Failure to properly install the battery
  • Use during extreme environmental conditions
  • Overcharging, undercharging, charging or installing in reverse polarity
  • Use of trickle chargers that do not have a regulated trickle charge voltage between 13.2 V and 14.2 V, causing early failure of the battery
  • Use of battery for an application that requires a higher cranking power or a greater reserve rating than the battery was designed to deliver
  • Kronospark batteries are not designed for prolonged storage in vehicles with fuel injection computers, alarms, GPS or other devices that require continuous battery power.  In an installation where the battery cannot be readily disconnected from the load, a float charger must be used continually to avoid over discharge and permanent battery damage.

At no time will the manufacturer be liable for loss, damage of any other kind, whether incidental or intentional.


All shipments are made by Fed Ex, UPS or other carrier. All shipments are made at ground shipment rates. 2nd Day and next day delivery and can be quoted at time of ordering. Kronospark assumes no liability for shipping damage. Damage to the product caused by shipping or broken packages must be noted at the time of receipt and reported immediately to the shipper. Assistance will be given where necessary to help in settlement with the carrier.


All part and component returns require a Return Authorization. No returns will be accepted without a Return Authorization. You can obtain the Authorization by contacting us.  Returns must be shipped prepaid.  No refunds or returns on special order items. There is no charge on warranty approved returns.


Orders cancelled within 1 business day after the order date will incur no cancellation fee, but will be subject to applicable cancellation expenses. Orders cancelled more than 5 business days after the order date will be charged a cancellation fee of 25% of the total kit price plus applicable cancellation expenses. Orders cancelled on or after shipment notification will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the total kit price plus applicable cancellation expenses. No refunds or cancellation on special order items. Cancellation expenses include, but are not limited to, credit card transaction fees, special shipping arrangements, special order parts or customized parts. Cancelled order net funds will be returned to customer within 30 business days of notice of cancellation or of the parts being received and inventoried by Kronospark. Customer will be charged normal retail price for any missing, damaged or used parts and these charges will be deducted from the refund. No exceptions will be made to this policy under any circumstances.


Kronospark’s racing batteries are designed for racing and aftermarket/track use and should not be used in other applications.  Operating the racing batteries outside of its intended use will shorten the life and possibly damage the batteries.

Batteries contain hazardous substances and should not be opened or tampered with after purchase.  Opening or tampering with the battery could be potentially harmful to health and human life. In purchasing Kronospark batteries, the purchaser accepts responsibility for all such risks and will not hold the manufacturer, including all employees and owners for any accident or injury to persons or property as a result of improper use, application or mishandling.

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