Lightweight Racing Batteries

Kronospark specializes in manufacturing the lightest racing batteries. We proudly feature two powersport racing battery lines for motorcycles and race cars: The MiKroh Lead-Acid line & LiKroh Lithium line. Contact Us Today! Email us at or Call 765-FASTCAR

  • MiKroh 2 Lightweight Racing Battery


RS-485 to WIFI Gateway

Universal RS-485 to WIFI Gateway. The standard supported protocol is MODBUS-RTU. With the WIFI interface providing access to a MODBUS host and the RS-485 BUS comprising a network of slaves.

IP configurable from WIFI interface

Powered by +5V wall supply (Included)

Current draw  < 100ma

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M6 to SAE Terminal Adapter

Adjust your battery application by converting the M6 Female Threads included with your MiKroh into an automotive top post (SAE) terminal with these terminal post adapters.

Each set includes:

  • (2) Terminal Adapters
  • (2) Washers
  • (2) Bolts

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MiKroh & MiKroh^2 Racing Battery Trickle Charger

Receive a FREE Kronospark-approved trickle charger with every purchase of a MiKroh or MiKroh2 Racing Battery.

Note: Due to a low total capacity, The MiKroh and MiKroh2 Racing Batteries are not intended for use in street vehicles or high parasitic load vehicles. These batteries should be placed on a a trickle charger (charger included) when the vehicle will be stored for more than 24 hours.  (Learn more about charging your MiKroh Battery)

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MiKroh Charger Extension Cable

Easily charge your MiKroh Racing Battery without removing it from your vehicle with a charger extension cable.

Product Attributes:

  • Two extension sizes (3 ft/6 ft) to fit your unique application.
  • 18 gauge wire
  • Right angle male barrel connection for low profile installation
  • Includes 5 zip ties to secure the cable

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